Developing disciplinary Methodologies in Education through enhanced Relationships between school sand farm

DEMETER is an Erasmus+ project aimed at improving the quality of primary school education by increasing the collaboration between schools and farms. This strategic partnership has the following specific objectives:

  1. To increase the integration of experience of farms into the school curriculum, in the framework of a wider path of education to food, respect for the environment and health;
  2. To improve the teaching skills among school teachers as well as educational farms operators by exchanging, consolidating and developing methodologies appropriate to a farm experience;
  3. To create synergies among education, institutions, business and research for the improvement of education.

Apart from delivering two innovative outputs, the project is expected to increase the collaboration among farmers and teachers and strengthen the participation of the local community in school education.

DEMETER will provide teachers with a toolkit with ready-to-use practices linked to learning outcomes of multiple subjects.

Pupils will benefit from more interactive activities that take place in farms (or with farmers), which are expected to stimulate the learning process especially for those subjects like science and maths, which still show underachievements at European level. By learning in farms pupils will be more aware on environmental, sustainability and food related issues, they will also gain consciousness of the resources in their rural community.


Lead Partner: Municipality of Vänersborg (SE)

Partners:  The  soil  association  (UK);  Hushållningssällskapet  Väst  (SE);  Washingborough Academy  (UK)  Colégio  do  Sardão  (PT);  Municipality  of  Bertinoro  (IT);  IC  Amaducci School (IT); University of Milano Bicocca (IT); Sweden Emilia Romagna Network (IT)